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Do a job for the boss


Or steal from him?

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Rat on players

Turn in your rivals to become the Kingpin Babysitter!

Can you get out with the most cash, while also evading arrest and the wrath of the Mobster Boss?

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Mob Sitters is a simple, fun card game where you try to stash the biggest pile of loot while avoiding a prison sentence and facing the wrath of The Boss.


You can rat on other players to divert The Boss’s or cops’ attention away from you. If you get away with enough loot, you might just win, but pay attention to other players’ crimes and misdeeds as they too are only out for themselves!

You must accuse other babysitters to ensure that no one is looking in your direction while you’re stealing from The Boss or taking less than reputable jobs. Be careful though, they might be able to pass the blame back to you!

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Joseph Horsfall

"The bluffing, the reaction cards, the chance to quote mobster movies at one another - this game packs a lot into a small package with simple gameplay"

Allen O'Connor

"This is the most fun that I've had with a party game in a long time, full of humour, excitement, bluffing and double bluffing. It really had everyone at the table laughing their socks off"

Tabletop Gaming

"It's no lie that Mob Sitters is an unapologetically mean game, but with the right group it's a solid fifteen minutes of cacophonous fun"


How to Play!

*Official how to play through video coming soon!