A fast-paced and tactical board game controlling robots battling in an ever-changing arena!


3 Simple Actions!

1. Move your Robot

2. Rotate a tile

3. Score a Kill!

Robot Royale Box Art

In the near future, Robot Royale is the ultimate entertainment, a high-adrenaline combat sport where robots hunt each other in an arena that's as dangerous as the enemy!

Robot Royale is a tile-based strategic combat game for 2-4 players. Claim victory by moving and positioning your robot and rotating tiles to expose, trap and score against your opponents!

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Mike Ibeji

"A simple, fast-playing, brain-burning strategy game that looks deceptively simple and is really easy to learn."

JP Murray

"Clean strategy game with a short play time. Excellent to play with game parties while waiting for the rest of the party to arrive. Best bit of all; takes maybe five minutes to learn."

Andy Benn

"Played this at the UK Games Expo, It was a really fun game that has good tactical depth. Really quick and easy to play."